10 Twinkly ways to light up your home with Christmas fairy lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for holidays: whether they’re lighting up your Christmas tree, wedding or dorm rooms, these lights are practical ways to add a little twinkle. Since these decorative accents can do virtually no wrong, spruce up your space with these modern luminaries. They are so versatile, you’ll want to keep them on display long after the holiday season ends.

Scroll on for more creative ideas on how to rock these shimmering twinkle lights!

  1. DIY lighted wine bottle: This is one of the easiest and prettiest DIY anyone can do. All you need is an empty wine/beer bottles and place this warm string of fairy lights in them and place back your cork. This beautiful bottle light is perfect for brightening centerpieces and table decor. Looks great with warm white fairy lights.

  1. Fairy lights Canvas: A lighted up canvas is a great idea for home decor. We can buy any canvas we love and poke holes to add string lights from the back. But for most craft Do-It-Yourselfers, we would love to personalize our own artwork on blank canvas with acrylic paint or spray paint, poking holes or carving patterns in canvas and stick the light bulbs through. These stunning piece of artwork not only looks gorgeous but makes any room more beautiful and alive. I had this beautiful painting of Hyderabad skyline that I added the fairy lights to.
  1. Bedside Light:  As pretty as they may be hung around the room, fairy lights are just as lovely when turned into statement wall art. Create whatever shape you want, display words in a pretty cursive font or recreate this pretty little heart.

Source: Pinterest

4. DIY Fairy Chandelier: If you are a rustic style lover then you will definitely like this creative DIY Chandelier made from a rustic tree. Use the fallen branches form your garden and make something creative and artistic. Using branches to decorate your home is suitable at any time of year, but winter is by far the best season for it. In winter you can find a lot of broken branches in your yard, pick a few bunches and get started with this project.

5. Fairy light Bouquet: Pretty fairy lights makes all the difference. If you wish to surprise your love on this valentine day, give them these pretty lighted up bouquet and make them awestruck with love.

6. Photo frames: There’s no need to be a DIY expert or creative crafter, it’s so simple to create your own fairy light wall in a matter of moments! Who knew it could be so easy to transform bedroom fairy lights into a magical photo memory. It’s the ideal place to pin up your favorite postcards, hang anything from Polaroids to birthday cards and illuminate them at the same time.

7. Lantern/Mason Jar: You can fill your bouquet vases, mason jars or lanterns with string lights to get the glam outdoor party decor.

8. DIY gold dipped dried flowers: The next time your beautiful bouquet of roses starts to wilt, instead of tossing the pretty petals in the trash, make potpourri. Rose petals have a calming scent, and creating a mix that leaves a lovely lingering scent in your home is so easy. This gold dipped DIY also makes a memorable homemade gift. check out my post to know more.

9. Dreamy bedroom: Who, has a child, never tried to create a little house to use as a hideaway? And how often do your kids try to do this? They pick up everything they find at their fingertips, from pillows to tablecloths, sheets, and carpets, and use them to create something that looks like as much as possible a house!!! They choose a corner where they can daydream and spend few hours with their friends, satisfied with the creation of their first beautiful house. Here’s how, with a lot of pillows, three sticks, a little bit of translucent or pattern fabric and some fairy lights, it’s possible to create a special corner where our kids can play undisturbed and have their little hideaway

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Or you can create a warm Dreamy bedroom boho style room with fairy lights around for this valentine.

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10. Event decor: This simple setup of dried branch, red roses and fairy lights make a perfect backdrop for your romantic vintage inspired wedding or any chic party. Check out my post on how to use these magical lights as a backdrop for your party.