Layered painting fabric decoupage

Layering different color paints is quite a tricky task. But when it comes to Annie Sloan, it definitely makes it easier to blend the colors. I took a side table that I found on Facebook marketplace and wanted to give an Indian traditional touch to it by doing a Kalamkari fabric decoupage on the table. This surely is going to be an interesting combination of colors and textures. It is definitely worth a try if you want to add in some traditional feature to your furniture with an Indian style.

I started off giving a dry brushing strokes of antibes green from Annie Sloan colors.

I wanted to use Barcelona orange as my contrast shade for layering it. I did the same technique of dry brushing, leaving in the places where I need to see some green.

Once you are done, you should be able to see the lower color peeping from the places you had left.

Now, I am doing the fabric decoupage by applying some modge podge first over the area I am doing the decoupage.

Stick the fabric over the modge podge.

My little helper is trying to give some touch up paint on top.

Set it to dry for a couple of minutes. And then sand the edges ti cut off the extra fabric.

I am now applying the dark wax to add the depth to the colors and make it look antiqued.

You are all set with the beauty, just add in some poly-acrylic to protect it since its a table and could be of much use.