Napkin Decoupage

Ever since I saw the napkin decoupage project done by sweetpickins, I was so inspired to do one of my own. I found this beautiful curved dresser on facebook marketplace for 20$. I decided I was going to do the napkin decoupage on this one.

Materials needed:

  1. Sander/Sand paper with high grit.
  2. Chalk Paint
  3. Your selection of floral paper napkins.
  4. Modge Podge
  5. Clear wax/Min wax Polyutherene sealer


Our first step for any furniture painting would be to sand the furniture to take off the sealer that the original furniture has. Usually this step is not quite necessary if you are using Annie Sloan chalk paints. But sometimes, the furniture pieces could have a thick glossy coat of sealers which might cause the paint to chip off. So its always better to do some light sanding.


For this dresser, I wanted to get some light pastel mint. I tried mixing some Florence and Louis blue for getting this shade. To my luck the color came out very pretty.

I added around 2 coats of color to the dresser.


Now starts the fun part of the project. I have selected some small floral prints in pink that I bought from amazon and cut the edges of the bunches that I was going to stick to my dresser. you actually dont have to cut them very precisely, you can manage the edges either by tearing them off after you stick them while its wet or remove while distressing.

My husband is Mr.perfectionist, he did not want to leave any edges imperfect, so he cut them all very precise to the bunch outline we had picked.

Once you are done cutting, choose the location on your dresser to see where do you want them. We laid down the dresser flat on floor while we were working on the tissue, to make it easier to hold the paper.

As you can see some part of the design is crossing between the pullout, for those just try your best to stick them as is and when its dry you can just cut them and sand the edges.

once you have all the pieces attached, distress the corners to remove any imperfections and also all over the dresser again.

Now, its time to apply the clear wax or polyutherene. I had applied clear wax all over the dresser and applied the polyutherene just on top of the dresser to protect from stains and wear and tear.

Like I had mentioned in my older posts, always drop a lump of clear wax on a plate and take a bit, rub it over the plate and then apply on the furniture.

Its time to stage the dresser and cherish the beauty 🙂