Pier one Imports inspired Whitewashed chic mirror worth 400$ :)!!

I was checking out for some whitewashed mirrors and a beautiful mirror at Pier one imports caught my eye. But the mirror was like 400$ and I did not want to spend that much on it.

And I kept searching and I found a beautiful carved mirror at Tjmax for 120$ but wasn’t whitewashed. So I started up my mission on whitewashing it.

Whenever you work with mirrors, always remember to put the painters tape across the edges, since you sometimes can’t undo the mess and it shows on the mirror every time you look through it 🙂

And now comes the technique of whitewashing. Well I actually forgot to capture it on my mirror, but I just redid it on a plain wood block for picture. take a dip of paint and do a light dry brushing on the furniture piece and try spreading the paint as much as you can until all the paint runs out form the brush. I was able to paint the whole mirror in less than 5 dips, that’s how much you should apply.

Now take a dry soft cloth and wipe through the excess paint strokes and buff through the furniture to smooth out the paint as much as you can.

Apply a coat of clear wax to seal the paint and you are all set to deck it up!! I really love the way it turned out and it matches so perfectly to my french look Glam room.