Rose Wedding Backdrop

Indian weddings traditionally have a lot of ceremonies and rituals. We are a blend of vibrant colours, rich accessories, meaningful rituals and fun festivities. There is one tradition in India that we rewed at the age of 60,and I am so lucky to get the opportunity to arrange my parents Silver wedding anniversary with rewed rituals. I wanted to do a really beautiful wedding just like our big fat wedding events and make it as much fun as it could be.

Floral backdrops are so very popular these days and I found one such amazing backdrop on pinterest and wanted to try that myself. But the site that had this backdrop actually mentioned that it would cost around 400$ and I felt that was quite expensive. So I figured some ways of making it cheaper and wanted to share my budget friendly pretty rose flower backdrop on my post today.

Before we can start on the project, I want to mention that I have a backdrop stand that I made for myself for all my parties using insulation boards. Its pretty simple and straight forward.

Get two sheets of insulation boards and attach some legs using 2 by 4 wood panels. you can check it out on this video too. I followed the same one.

Once you have this backdrop ready you should be all set to start my project.

Materials Needed for Rose backdrop: Total project cost(less than 110$)

  • Faux grass carpet – Got it from costco for 15$ each, got 2 for 8 by 8 backdrop size – 30$
  • Artificial silk roses – I got them from amazon. 50 roses for 10$ and I took around 6 bunches – 4 red and 2 peach. – 60$
  • Crystal hangings – I got then from amazon . 12$
  • Head pins – Got them from dollar store – 1$
  • screws
  • driller

Step1: Lay down the two insulation sheets and cover them with the two faux grass carpet. As you can see the the carpets overlay each other but that would not be much evident since we would cover them with flowers.

The insulation sheets are 4 by 8 each and we would need 2 sheets to give a good coverage backdrop. The carpet was 6 by 8 so we needed 2 to cover the complete backdrop.

Step2: Screw the carpet to the insulation sheets to keep it intact.

Pro tip: We just left some carpet for overlap before we screwed them together. This backdrop was done for a surprise party and we had carry these to different places, so we wanted to work on them independently since its easier that way carry along individually. Make sure you keep this mind in case you have move the backdrop to a party hall. Screw them together only when get to the final destination and attach the legs that were shown in the youtube video.

Step3: Take a headpin and push them through the rose and stick it to the sheet. Since insulation sheet is all made of Styrofoam, they stick well with the head pins.

Well, I did have some roses falling off while moving things, but make sure you are placing the pin on a single petal and not very close to the center, that way we have some good hold on the flowers.

Thats all! Keep sticking them randomly with your choice of color combinations. I had them in bunches in some places and singles in some places punched in randomly.

This is how it looked after all the roses are punched in.

We were hosting the party on our deck, so we hung some crystal strings over the pergola with some roses in the ends to get that drama :). The indian style of wedding vows include exchanging garlands, Showering of yellow rice((Talambralu) on each other heads. And we do have some fun rituals of playing with a flower ball and finding a ring in a water bowl as part of the wedding.

I have arranged all the fun elements from an Indian wedding on the event to make it a fun filled event :). Checkout the complete picture of my parents wedding setup.