Varalakshmi ammavaru

Festive season is on! We have Varalakshmi vratham coming up next week. There have been a lot of questions on the jewelry and accessories that I used to dress up my ammavaru last year.

And I want to share some sources so that you can go shipping spree to dress up your ammavaru this year.I will assume that you are a beginner 😛 and start from square 1 :).

Ammavaru Idol:

These days a lot of pooja stores are selling the ammavaru pre-made murthy. I would recommend that since its very easy to drape the saree and can hold up the weight of jewelry and flowers. I have bought this one from Sai pooja samagri store in hyderabad. They do have an online store and sell this murthy, you can buy it online from this link.

Ammavaru Face:

Option 1 – Silver face:There are again a lot of options you can choose from. All silver stores will carry ammavaru silver faces in India. a silver face would look something like this. I bought it from a silver store in India almost 10 years back, there are a lot of designs with more jewelry these days.

Option 2 – Clay Face: These days the clay faces have become really popular with all added jewelry. You can find them in India amazon and also the eepoojastore has some good options



I would say you can use all your creativity in this section. You can use gold jewelry, artificial jewelry, temple jewelry anything you like. My favourite among the budget friendly options are the dancers temple jewelry because it gives very authentic temple idol look. You can get them in any dancers jewelry store or even online in India Amazon, US Amazon.



I use black wool to make the plait and fix in the jaba Billas, but in the temple jewelry set sometimes you do get the jada too, its easy to use that as well.

Again you can use your own creativity in doing a bun and stuff. There are some pretty cool ideas on pinterest that are worth a try.


If you are not a beginner, the things I have mentioned until now must be there with a lot of people already. The ones that I would list now are kind of Level 2.

Bhujalu/Tomala are a very beautiful accessory to add to your ammavaru. These can be found in any pooja stores these days and also online at eepoojastore.

This is how it will look with these with the bhujalu.


Decorating tip: Always add flowers inside of bhujalu and not outside as shown in the below picture.

Hastham and padham: 

The brass hastham and padham give a beautiful look for the ammavaru which covers the cloth made hands and legs on the store bought murthy. I bough these online at vadamalaar, there are also available on eepoojastore as well.

This is the one that I used.

This is the one my sister used. posted both the pictures above.


There are two ways you can do this. For the first time I did not buy anything, I just wrapped ammavaru head part with black wool and just tied the mang tikka I got from my temple jewellry set which gave a really nice look.

or you can also buy different crowns online. I bought it from sai pooja samagri last time I went to India. But you can find a wide variety on vadamalaar.

I had this style crown and added some jewelry pieces on top and side and placed my baju band to the front.


The traditional temple idols have beautiful pathakam (pendants) that elevate their look. I so wanted to get that temple look and I am glad I found them on vadamalaar

Prabhavali/Makara thoranam/Marakatham:

I bought this in a brass store in India. But if you want to place an order, eepoojastore takes special orders and ship them worldwide.

You can directly contact Somesh from epooja store @01191 9849156015 for placing an order.

I just got the brass plates that could make a 2 feet high prabhavali and got it shipped from india and nailed them to 2 by 4 wood pieces here, this is very easy task and saves you a lot of shipping.

Temple garlands:

Ammavaru cannot be complete without fresh flowers. It just brings life to the idol once we add fresh flower garlands to it. I always order temple garlands from Vivekflowers


Saree draping:

A lot of you might not have a murthy, so here I am to show you how you can make beautiful ammavaru with a lamp shade. If you have the murthy, the process the is pretty much the same except that you might have to tie a rope at the waist to hold the frills.

Materials you need:

  • Nail two dowels in cross shape. Make sure the height matches with that of your lamp shade
  • Styrofoam block.
  • Lamp shade preferably wide one
  • Kalasam
  • Ammavaru face
  • Coconut

This time I made a video to make it more easy for you. Check out my video.