With the spring on, gardening work is keeping me quite busy these days. I have been looking forward to talk about my most favorite projects. I wanted to make a statement with my entry way and had looked for so many console tables online and in-store. But nothing really stole my heart. I started looking for some antique pieces that I could impose my charm over. I finally found this beautiful carved console table.

And I decided I want paint in peacock greens and bought some Antibes green and florence chalk paints from Annie sloan chalk paint dealers.

I didn’t have to do any sanding on this piece of furniture, I just started applying my first coat of antibes green to achieve my double shaded look on this one.

I let it dry and applied the second coat.

Now the fun part begins on topping it up with the double shade. I just did a very soft dry brushing with florence so that I dont loose the antibes green shade over it.

I really love the way it turned after the dry brush coat. I want to highlight the subtle curves I have on the console with antique gold buff.

I took a piece of cloth and buffed the gold leaf over it.

And as the final touch apply dark wax (very little dry brushing) and clear wax.