Bohemian hand painted console

Every time I visit the world market, I come across these beautiful hand painted intricacies. I get so nostalgic looking at them, they remind me of the painted muggus that we used to do over the entrance of our houses.

I so wanted to try this myself and started off searching for an entry table which will go with my needs. I found this beautiful piece for $80.

All you need for this project is

  • Chalk paints
  • Acrylic paints or chalk paints for designs
  • Stencils used
  • Sanding block
  • Minwax PolyAcrylic coat

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Step1: Sanding

Sand the table to remove the top coat. Need not sand down completely as we will be applying chalk paint. Once sanding is done clean the table with denatured alcohol.

Step2: Paint the table

I painted the table with three coats of Annie Sloan Orange chalk paint.

Then i painted Folk art red chalk paint(imperial) in the groves i had on my table.

Then i mixed light yellow chalk paint i had with the orange chalk paint and painted in the corners.

Added highlights with yellow acrylic paint.

Step3: Stenciling

Do a rough design on paper as in which color goes where.

Once you have the rough sketch ready, keep it as reference while stenciling the design onto the furniture. I used acrylic paints and chalk paints. Attach the stencil to the furniture with painters tape. Be careful not to have any gaps as they make the paint leak under the design. Using a painters brush, take some paint, dab the brush onto a paper to remove excess paint and start slowly dabbing on the stencil.

For the borders i used Martha Stewarts self adhesive stencil and Annie Sloan Paris white chalk paint. Also did some free hand designs in the corners.

Added some more stencil designs on top of the table and filled in the gaps.

Step4: Top coat

Seal the painted furniture with 2 coats of Minwax Poly acrylic finish.

Finallyyyy here is the finished console!!!!