Hawaiian birthday Photobooth

My friend had a hawaiian theme for her daughter’s second birthday and I so wanted to do a photobooth for her as a surprise. I started collecting some materials from my garage for the project.

Materials used:

  • Old Cardboard sheet from amazon boxes
  • Styro foam sheet from shipments
  • hot glue
  • Flowers from dollar store
  • Candle and a needle to cut the styro foam.

Step1: Cut the cardboard piece in the shape of Polaroid frame. place that as a base and cut the styro foam pieces to make the frame. the best way to cut styro foam  is to heat a needle against the candle and slide through to cut the styro foam.



Step2: Glue the cardboard and styro foam together to keep it intact.


Step3: Do a dry run of sticking the flowers to the styro foam sheet without the hot glue.


Step4: Once you are good with the design, hot glue the flowers to styro foam.

With the left over flowers I have made the tiaras by wrapping with flower tape.


This is how the final product looked.

Here are some pictures of the party event decor