Krishna Theme decor

Krishnashtami is around the corner and this beautiful Krishna theme decor would be a great backdrop for Krishna theme party or Krishnashtami pooja.

This backdrop is pretty simple and wouldn’t take much time except for doing some hands on painting :P. Pardon me for some novice pictures on this project 🙂

Materials needed:

  • scrap PVC pipe – we picked one from construction site.
  • Felt paper – for making flute.
  • Rhinestone
  • Any decorative ribbon – for flute decoration
  • Foam sheet  – for making peacock feather
  • Tulle drapes – picked the peacock themed colors
  • insulation sheets – 2 for backdrop
  • Acrylic beaded curtain – from amazon

Step1: Backdrop preparation:

Check out this video on how to make a backdrop with insulation sheets. I prepared these sheets with a shiny wrapping paper and tried out the drapes and crystal hangings against it, just to make sure they match up right.

Step2: Making of the flute

I have taken a scrap PVC pipe from a construction site near my house and just spray painted it in gold.

I started wrapping it up with rhinestone trim and some colorful trim I had at home.

Once you put the trim up, cut the felt paper sheets in circles and place them as pretend holes to the flute. Make sure your spacing is right to give the flute look.



Once the flute is all set. I glued the rhinestones to the felt hole edges to get some bling 🙂

Step3: Foam peacock

I did not have a picture of making the peacock feather pieces. But I took the craft work foam sheets we get in a dollar store and painted them in shaded peacock colors and cut them through the shape. The only picture I have is the rough version of the color shading that was practiced on a paper 🙁

Well the final version looked much better than the paper version though :P.

And thats all, we just had to tie the pieces together with a wire into the insulated sheets and gave some support against the wall by tying it back to the curtain rods and wall to keep them intact.

The final look is just so colorful with subtle peacock shades. I just loved how it turned and how colorful it looked.