Pallet Dining

Hello guys, hope you guys are having a happy friday!! I am quite busy with some exciting DIY projects( will see them all soon). When you think of beautiful summer evenings, first thing that comes to my mind is a nice family dinner outdoor in your backyard. I did not want to let go this summer without having one such beautiful candle light dinner evening with friends and family.

We wanted to plan a surprise baby shower for my friend last weekend, and I planned for a Boho/moroccan themed party. I am not well equipped with outdoor furniture to host a party, but I have ideas :P.

Pallet dining table was the first thing that came to my mind and luckily someone from posted to grab some free pallet on facebook. They were not perfect, but managed to work somehow.

I decked up my backyard by stacking up the pallets to make a wide low seating table. Put up some lights, candles, burlap runner for a rustic look and here it is my complete decor for the dinner.