Amazing DIYs for diwali

How many of you already started decking up your home for the festive season. Well, its really been an eventful week for me with the hurricane, family sickness, navarathri…phew!!! But nevertheless my festive decor preparations would never stop 😜. Well thats my energy booster. So ya lets do some intresting DIYs for this diwali.

Moss urli

Sounds strange??? But trust me this will be your most exciting diwali decor and would be a conversation starter, I bet😄.

Well its quite simple to do this.

Get some moss from your nearest nursery. Select one of your best urlis and place the moss in it. Tadaan!! My styles pictures will pop in soon before diwali .

This is how beautiful it could look

More decor with moss urli

DIY flower arrangement:

This is one of the most easiest arrangements you can do for Diwali.

Yes truly, arranging with individual flowers or flower petals can be very tedious. Try doing it with flower strings, just takes few minutes.

All you need to do is do the basic marking and start placing the strings over it and style it with ur brass collection

Henna candles

Henna designs, also known as mehendi, aren’t just for decorating your skin. Painting henna art onto candles adds an inexpensive touch of India to your decor. The same henna cones used to draw temporary tattoos work for candles, too. Combine them with your beautiful brass decor pieces and adorn the beauty for this diwali.

check out my post to see how you can make them

Thriftstore finds makeover

Do you think you dont have those beautiful urli bowls, or you envy some beautiful brass decor that your friends put up for diwali? Dont worry just stop by a thriftstore and pick up any beautiful bowls you see and paint them in gold to see some them transform into a jewel that you would cherish for lifetime.

Just with a little touch of gold, look how beautiful they turned.

I also painted the round candle. It looked so beautiful in red.

DIY Wall Scone

Wall Scones is a lovely idea if you have to fill up your walls for diwali decor. You can just use any wall frames as your wall scones. You just have to put up a horizontal wood panel with a bracket and it converts it as a wall scone to hang diyas or place lamps.

DIY Stone Pedestal

When you want to display all your beautiful pieces together, its always better to lay them in different heights. It creates nice nested look and showcases all of your decor beautifully. There are so many ways you can add heights, you can use the beautiful meenakari stools or some wooden boxes or just make your own stone looking pedestals that gives that traditional temple stone decor look.

I got these white ceramic pedestals from ACMOORE for like 10$ and the small ones for 5$ each. They have so much character and nice carvings which suit perfect for my brass decor.

All you needed was a spray paint which gives stone effect. You can use any brand, I had rust-oleum on sale for 2$ so did not mind picking it up. But Valspar or krylon would do a better coverage I think.


And for the thriftstore rock candle holders, I just used some leftover deck stain 😛 I had in terracotta color.

And once its all dried up, you are all set to stage and style!!!!