Fairy light backdrop

From holidays to weddings to showers to birthday parties, photo booths are all the rage right now! Why not create one for your next celebration? They are super fun and this easy DIY fairy light backdrop is perfect for any occasion!

The cost for this backdrop setup was less than 50$, yes you heard it right. All I needed were:

  1. Fairy lights from amazon
  2. Red Rose bunches
  3. Acrylic balls from amazon
  4. White and Mint feathers
  5. And a dried branch from my backyard

My idea was to hang the rose strings, acrylic balls and string lights to the dried branch. I was really lucky enough to get a beautiful branch that has artistic character to it. I fixed a nail and hung the branch with a wire.

I placed my string lights in the positions I wanted them.

Now I started hanging the rose petals to a string and hung them randomly to a branch.

I put up the acrylic balls and placed some battery candles and rose petals in each of them.

I stuck up the white and mint feathers randomly on the rose and acrylic ball strings.

Last thing I had to do was put up some battery candles in acrylic balls, light em all up…….

And do some preggy photoshoot 😛