Ikea Rattan Ottoman Hack

The Ikea banana fiber low seating ottoman is a beautiful piece if you want to add some traditional ethnic style low seating in any room. To enhance the beauty of this piece I have added an upholstered cushion on top of it and it just looks amazing. check out the complete post on how you can do this by yourself.

Materials Needed for this project:

Ikea Ottoman offcourse 🙂

A sheet of plywood plank – a 2 by 4 should be good enough

Upholstery cushion foam – you can find them in Amazon or in Joann

Batting – I just took this size from Joann

upholstery fabric – your selection of it.

 Staple gun

Jigsaw for cutting the plywood in circle

I have created an Idea list – Ikea Ottoman Hack that has all the items you need for this project from amazon. I have also included some interesting fabrics for you guys 🙂

Step1: Cut the Plywood

I have made a marking of 16 inch diameter circle and cut through with a Jigsaw

Pardon the lighting in the picture 😛

Step2: Cut the upholstery foam

Place your circle cut plywood sheet on the upholstery foam sheet and cut it through with a knife to match the size of it. Its better to place the plywood, in case your shape went off a little while cutting with jigsaw, you are better off covering it correctly.

Step3: Cut the Batting

You dont have to mark the circle exactly for the batting, you may just randomly cut it but just make sure the batting is bigger than the foam circle because it needs to roll up on the other side.

Step4: Staple the batting

Wrap the batting around and start stapling around on the back side. I have just screwed in some wires just in case we cant screw the plywood to the ottoman so that we can fix it with the wires.

Step5: Cut and Staple the fabric

Cut the Fabric approximately to cover the entire cushion and roll backwards to Staple in the back.

Place the cushion in the center of the fabric and pull the fabric tight enough and start stapling the fabric in the back. Make sure you dont pull it too tight or else it might show creases from the front.

Tip: Make sure to fold the fabric every time before you staple while going around the circle, this will avoid gathering a large bump in the end and gives a neat look.

This picture is taken before cutting off the extra edges 🙂

 This is how they look once everything is done and fixed to the ottoman